David Barry

David Barry

David E. Barry has been working in the microwave engineering field for about 20 years, where he has focused on passive microwave component designs such as circulators, isolators, filters, and power dividers. He has used 3D electromagnetic, thermal, DC magnetic, and breakdown simulation software extensively in the development and troubleshooting of microwave components and systems. David joined Modelithics in April 2021 as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff where he provides 3D RF Electromagnetic modeling capability. He enjoys digging into challenging physics problems in both a design and manufacturing aspect.  His hobbies include C++ programming and racquetball.


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3D Connector Models Enhance Signal-Integrity Analysis

PCB connector suppliers are often tasked with providing connectors that meet today’s high-speed and high-density requirements. In many cases, these connectors also need to maintain signal integrity under harsh conditions. Such models make it possible to simulate how the connector will interface and perform in its surrounding environment. IEH has partnered with Modelithics to offer 3D geometry models for various IEH hyperboloid connector products.

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