Ron Demcko

Ron Demcko graduated from the Clarkson College of Technology with a BSEE in 1982. He is currently an AVX Fellow and manages the Technical Sales Group team at AVX Corporate Headquarters in Fountain Inn, S.C. As an AVX Fellow, Ron’s projects range from simulation models for passive components to product support, new product identification, and applied development. Prior to his current role, Ron was the EMC Lab Manager at AVX in Raleigh N.C. This lab focused on subassembly testing and passive component fixes for harsh electrical and environmental applications. Before that, Ron was an application engineer at AVX, where he worked on products including integrated passive components, EMI filters, and transient voltage suppression (TVS) devices. Before joining AVX, Ron worked as a product engineer and product engineering manager for Corning Glass Works Electronics Division. In this role, he supported the production, sale, and development of pulse-resistant capacitors, high-temperature capacitors, and radiation-resistant capacitors. He also developed high-frequency test methods and co-developed high-temperature test systems.


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Miniature Bulkhead EMI Filters for Aerospace Applications

Component manufacturers continue to develop increasingly miniaturized bulkhead filter capacitors that also offer increased current capacity, voltage, and operating temperature ranges. This post looks at the details of this miniaturization in order to help aerospace systems designers satisfy stringent size and weight constraints and further improve system performance.

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