Marko Marin

Marko Marin is electronics design engineer with Infinera Metro HW in Stockholm Sweden, where he focuses on high speed serial design, SI/PI modeling and characterization using EDA tools and measurement equipment. Prior joining Infinera in 2016, he was at Ericsson Digital HW, working as a signal integrity engineer. Marko holds MSc in electrical engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden



40 GHz PCB Interconnect Validation: Expectations vs Reality

What does it take to design PCB interconnects with good analysis-to-measurement correlation up to 40 GHz? Is it doable with typical low-cost PCB materials and fabrication process, typical trace width, via back-drilling and the shortage of space to place the stitching vias? This paper reports lessons learned from validation projects with the goal to build a formal procedure for systematic prediction of interconnect behavior up to 40 GHz. Topics include: selection of test structures, connectors and measurement equipment, and analysis uncertainties.

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