Fujitsu today announced the new 1FINITY T500 and T600 series bandwidth-variable transport blades, a next-generation family of optical transponders designed to meet the demanding needs of global network service providers and data center operators. Combining exceptional design flexibility and enhanced transport functions, with leading space and power efficiency, the 1FINITY T500 and T600 series blades deliver maximum performance and provide the foundation for 5G mobile transport and service-aware conscious networks.

Based on the latest 16nm CMOS fin-FET digital signal processor (DSP) technology developed by NTT Electronics (NEL) in partnership with Fujitsu, the 1FINITY T500 and T600 blades enable up to 2.4 Tbps of service transport in a fully compliant, pluggable 1RU design. While introducing entirely new levels of capacity, fiber reach and power to the network, this advanced DSP technology delivers dozens of operation modes, including leading 64 GBaud, 64QAM transmission for 600Gbps wavelengths; ensuring the 1FINITY platform is able to provide the best transmission performance across a wide range of applications, including data center interconnect (DCI), metro, long-haul and subsea transport.

Offering variability in service and network data rates, baud rates, modulation rates, channel width and forward error correction (FEC), the new 1FINITY blades provide network operators with flexible modes of operation and optimize transport for any configuration with one solution. Initially available bandwidth-variable transport rates from 200G to 600G will support both C-band and L-band transmission, allowing globalization and full fiber capacity utilization up to 76.8 Tbps per fiber pair.

"As users continue to push more demanding application traffic over the network, service providers require high-performance, high-speed transport to enable greater bandwidth capacity," said Andrew Schmitt, lead analyst at Cignal AI. "The latest 1FINITY transport technology enables faster transport speeds, design flexibility and power efficiency to meet the needs of escalating mobile, broadband and cloud network traffic."

Autonomous and automated at the network element level, 1FINITY blades work with the Fujitsu Virtuora® Network Controller (NC) to deliver SDN-based conscious networking for reduced operational complexity. The 1FINITY T500 and T600 series blades will be able to autonomously communicate optical parameters to Virtuora NC for capacity and wavelength adjustments based on service needs, eliminating the need for static network design and end-of-life planning. This flexibility and programmability enables intelligent cloud-based applications such as bandwidth optimization, optical margin analysis, and failure prediction.

"1FINITY T500 and T600 blades are designed to deliver the bandwidth capacity, flexibility, programmability and power efficiency that network service providers and data center operators require as they build tomorrow's self-aware networks, today," said Christine Podraza, head of the optical business unit at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. "This new family of 1FINITY transponders from Fujitsu ushers in next-generation variable optical transport that paves the way for 5G and conscious networking in a more agile, open and fully automated environment."

To learn more about the next-generation 1FINITY Transport blades, visit Fujitsu booth #3345 at OFC in San Diego, CA, on March 13-15, 2018.