China Telecomand TransTeleCom (ТТК), have developed the first transit telecommunication route connecting China and Europe based on100G ULH (Ultra Long Haul) DWDM technology. As part of the project, the companies have constructed a new 100Gbps gateway interface on the border between the two countries, the Chinese city of Manzhouli and in the Russian city of Zabaikalsk.

"It is important to have a reliable terrestrial channel with low latency for our growing needs in data transmission between Europe and Asia," shares Deng Xiaofeng, CEO of China Telecom Global, "TTK has one of the largest backbone networks in Russia, and is the trusted partner of China Telecom in the telecom transit market between Europe and Asia. The new route gives us an opportunity to offer the highest quality telecommunication services to our clients both inside and outside China."

"We have been working together with China Telecom since 2008 and gradually extending our cooperation. The launched project is the first 100G link between Europe and Asia. And is yet another demonstration of our company's leading position among Russian backbone network operators which highlights confidence of our international partners in the company. This route is very popular with international clients, therefore we are hopeful that the project will succeed and our close cooperation with China Telecom will progress in the future," says Roman Kravtsov, President of TransTeleCom Company.

China Telecom is committed to building the new Digital Silk Road that connects Asia and Europe. From the Information Highway between Asia and Europe which launched as early as 2013, to the latest 100G Asia-Europe terrestrial cable service in 2017, China Telecom has mapped out a wide information network that runs from China to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia countries, as well as reaches the Atlantic through Switzerland, Germany and the U.K. This high-quality network features large bandwidth, multiple routes, low latency and great controllability.

One section of the network, launched by China Telecom in partnership with TKK, will be the industry's longest 100G terrestrial cable at the moment, and will be ready for service by the end of this year. Such partnership serves the increasing demand across the continent for IP and data transmission and will enhance the telecommunication capacity for countries along the route, enabling better regional economic development and collaboration.

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