Artech House announced the publication of High-Speed Circuit Board Signal Integrity, Second Edition by Stephen C. Thierauf.  This thoroughly updated leading-edge circuit design resource presents the underpinnings and practical guidance needed to analyze, investigate, and solve signal and power integrity issues. It demonstrates how to apply EM theory with a practical application-oriented approach.  Readers are provided the knowledge needed to quickly pinpoint the types of transmission line problems that compromise the entire circuit design.  This book explores how to determine when circuit board traces should be treated as transmission lines, how to properly route and terminate single-ended and differential pairs, analyze and solve crosstalk problems, design and analyze differential pairs, and how to model and evaluate decoupling capacitors.

Filled with on-the-job-proven examples and numerous figures used to highlight and reinforce important concepts, this hands-on reference is the book that engineers can turn to time and again to design out and troubleshoot circuit signal loss, termination, and impedance problems. Insight into return paths, including how signal currents flow in return paths, is presented, why power plane resonances occur, and how decoupling capacitors can be used to steer return currents to minimize signal noise.  The book concludes by discussing circuit board construction and layout considerations critical to high-speed design. High-Speed Circuit Board Signal Integrity, Second Edition is available now from Artech House, a leading publisher of books for professionals in high-technology industries here.