Pendulum Instruments, a global expert in time and frequency measurement, analysis, and calibration, today announced the new CNT-102 dual-channel frequency analyzer.

Expanding Pendulum’s Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer (MFA) family, the CNT-102 is the world’s first dual-channel instrument supporting parallel and independent time/frequency measurements in a bench-top format. Several key capabilities have been inherited from the award-winning CNT-104S 4-channel MFA, including simultaneous and gap-free frequency, period, time interval error, pulse width, rise/fall time, slew rate, totalize, and voltage measurements.  Standard frequency range is up to 400 MHz and an optional RF input extends bandwidth up to 24 GHz.

The new multi-channel design enables a multitude of new test applications, most notably parallel frequency measurements of two different test objects, or the comparison of pulse parameters between two parallel test points, without having to swap over test leads. Critical measurements which were previously not possible using traditional single-channel universal frequency counters, have now been liberated by the new CNT-102 design. 

The CNT-102 also sets a new price/performance benchmark in the industry, with impressive 14 ps time resolution, up to 13 digits/s frequency resolution, and 1 million measurements/s at prices starting around $5000. A large, color touch screen and intuitive graphic user interface display results in both numeric and graphic formats, along with modulation/trend and value distribution graphs. Advanced analysis enables smoothing of data and zooming functions with cursor read-outs of individual samples. 

“We have successfully delivered tens of thousands of CNT-90 series counter/analyzers to discerning customers worldwide, and during this 20 year period we have noted an increased demand from customers for parallel measurements” said Harald Kruger, CEO of Pendulum Instruments. “The launch of the CNT-104S in late 2022, introduced the world’s first 4-channel frequency analyzer, which was well received by our high-end metrology, research, and R&D customers. The new CNT-102 builds on that success but offers a dual channel version at a more affordable price point, so customers can choose between 2- and 4-channel models to fit their price or performance requirement” he continued. 

Multi-channel frequency analyzers are a perfect solution for many test systems requiring multiple frequency counters such as oscillator manufacturing, since one single CNT-102 can replace two traditional counters in a test rack, resulting in a big space and cost saving solution.