Corning Incorporated has announced the launch of its Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology, the latest advancement in its award-winning Evolv® portfolio of connectivity solutions. By simplifying and accelerating deployments, the technology delivers significant cost savings and helps network operators meet their sustainability goals.

Multifiber Pushlok is a “stick-and-click” connector technology that draws on Corning’s experience helping network operators reach more than 100 million homes worldwide. The compact and fiber-dense connector allows operators to deploy more fiber in tighter spacesan essential consideration for increasing data usage. It is a key feature in a new line of Evolv solutions, which take complicated splicing tasks out of the field to help installers connect homes and businesses more efficiently.

“We’re working alongside our customers to address new and ongoing challenges, such as cost constraints, labor shortages, and aggressive deployment timelines,” said Bob Whitman, vice president of market development, Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications. “Our Multifiber Pushlok Technology will help network operators bring the benefits of high-speed connectivity to more lives around the worldfaster and more easily.”

The technology enhances three new Corning Evolv solutions:

  • Evolv Assemblies with Multifiber Pushlok Technology add flexibility to network architecture with a variety of sizes and density options; Multifiber Pushlok’s tactile and audible feedback simplifies the cable assemblies’ installation
  • Evolv Terminals with Multifiber Pushlok Technology include a new “stubless” version that reduces packaging material by up to 30% per assembly, allowing for up to 45% more product per shipping pallet 
  • Evolv FlexNAP™ with Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology is “preconnectorized” to fit operators’ customer-specific locations, reducing their reliance on skilled labor and delivering cost savings of at least $25 per home, compared to traditional splice methods. The new system on RPX® cable fits into 1.25-in. ducts, surpassing legacy solutions constrained to 2-in. ducts. This results in up to a 50% reduction in carbon footprint through minimized duct material usage. The system also features a new built-in, locatable dust cap, which allows operators to swiftly locate the system for buried deployments and simplify network-troubleshooting efforts.

Corning experts will highlight the new Multifiber Pushlok-enabled solutions, along with other innovations, in Booth P04 at the 2024 Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Conference, March 19-21 in Berlin, Germany, and in Booth #2841 at the 2024 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC), March 24-28 in San Diego, Calif.