Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT), a leading connective solution provider creating powerful connections for a better world, showcased the demonstration of its 224 Gbps signal transmission through their OSFP 2x1 SMT connector Upper Port with a 1M Passive DAC at the DesignCon 2024 exhibition in Santa Clara, Calif. from January 30 to February 1.

FIT’s OSFP 2x1 SMT connector, cage, and Module Compliance Board (MCB) appeared together with Synopsys silicon-proven 224G Ethernet PHY IP. This demo featured the Synopsys 224G PHY IP, connected with FIT’s OSFP 2x1 Module Compliance Board mounted with the OSFP SMT 2x1 connector and cage. It linked with a 1M passive DAC cable, to another OSFP 2x1 MCB on the other end. This upper port SMT connector link operating at 224 Gbps is very attractive in the industry, as the SMT connector lead-frames in the upper port are very long and challenging to accommodate the stringent signal integrity requirements. This demo focused on the Signal Integrity requirements of the upcoming IEEE 802.3dj specification which is still in progress. The connector and cage are also backwards compatible to all other variants of OSFP Cables and Connectors. 

FIT’s OSFP connector and cable family includes (1) OSFP 1xN Connector, Cage, and Heatsink (112 Gbps version), (2) OSFP 2xN Connector, Cage, and Heatsink (224Gbps version as shown in the demo), and (3) OSFP Passive DAC and Active cables. FIT conducted a live demonstration of its 224 Gbps signal pass through OSFP 2x1 SMT Connector Upper Port with Synopsys in the FIT Booth #619. 

In addition, there was an OSFP 112Gbps demo, which accommodated FIT’s OSFP112 1x1 SMT Connector, Cage, and MCB. It connected a 2M OSFP Passive DAC to another OSFP112 1x1 SMT Connector, Cage, and MCB on the other end. This linked to Synopsys 112G Ethernet PHY IP. 


  • Data Center Switch, Router and Server Configurations to accommodate up to 224 Gbps Data Rates.

Protocols Supported: 

  • IEEE 802.3bj
  • IEEE 802.3ck
  • IEEE 802.3dj (in progress)
  • IEEE 802.3df
  • OSFP800 and OSFP1600 MSA specifications.