SCHURTER, a leading provider of EMC filters, introduces its new FMAB NEO High-Performance single-phase block filter, designed to meet the demands of increasing electromagnetic interference generated in modern-day electronic applications.

As compact electronic devices become smaller and more energy-efficient, they also generate higher electromagnetic interference. The components used in the devices are placed closer together and include powerful semiconductors that switch faster and at higher frequencies. These factors lead to increased electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility, particularly as the use of electronic devices proliferates. The FMAB NEO HP filter series is specifically tailored for such challenging applications. With the use of a choke made of high-quality core materials, this filter achieves exceptional symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation in a compact, space-saving design. 

The FMAB NEO HP filter series boasts very high symmetrical attenuation, while also significantly enhancing asymmetric attenuation in the low and mid-frequency range. This translates to superior filter performance, typically only achievable with larger filters. The new high-performance FMAB NEO HP filter, Design N, can also serve as a drop-in replacement of the standard FMAB NEO, Design N, as the same form and fit ensure flexibility in adapting to precise EMC issues across a wide range of frequency. Ideal for applications such as laboratory and medical equipment, industrial automation, ICT, and energy applications.

The FMAB NEO HP single-stage filter is rated 1-30 A at 250 VAC and is suitable for applications in the temperature range -40˚C to 100˚C. ENEC and cURus approved.