Mercury Systems, Inc., a technology company that delivers processing power for the most demanding aerospace and defense missions, today announced it is working with Raytheon, an RTX business, to increase survivability and resiliency of its mission-critical solutions by incorporating Raytheon’s advanced cyber resiliency and intrusion detection tools into Mercury’s processing platform.

As threats against critical systems continue to grow in scope and sophistication, Mercury and Raytheon recognize the need for significantly stronger security controls to protect mission-critical systems, and both are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and resilient protection solutions to maintain mission effectiveness in cyber-contested environments.

Through this relationship, Mercury gains the ability to integrate Raytheon’s Electronic Armor and CADS products into its portfolio of mission systems, including secure mission processors, communication management units, rugged servers, communication management units, and data recorders. Raytheon’s cybersecurity tools complement Mercury’s BuiltSECURE technology that protects critical data with industry-leading physical security, cryptography, and secure boot features. Mercury and Raytheon are industry leaders in building and securing high-performance, open-architecture products and subsystems for the aerospace and defense industry, including SOSA-aligned mission computers. Their combined offerings provide aerospace and defense programs with an effective approach to addressing emerging cyber survivability endorsement requirements, which are focused on preventing, detecting, responding, and recovering from cyberattacks.

Electronic Armor is a cyber resiliency solution that prevents reverse engineering and protects the confidentiality and integrity of data, as well as applications from attackers who have bypassed traditional information assurance controls and/or gained escalated privilege on a system. Among its many features is the hardening of the operating system, providing data-at-rest and runtime protections, preventing execution of unauthorized applications, and preventing modification/introspection of sensitive applications and data.

CADS is a real-time intrusion detection system for the standard control buses found in airframes and ground vehicles. CADS provides cyber anomaly detection and complete bus traffic logging for mission- and safety-critical systems. It heightens situational awareness for platform operators and support teams and includes offline analysis tools to provide long-term performance and cross-fleet analysis of cyber trends.

To learn more about how Raytheon’s Electronic Armor and CADS solutions can integrate with Mercury hardware, visit the Mercury booth (#1439) at this week’s AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition.