The EEcosystem Electronics Engineering Podcast is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Keysight’s Pathwave EDA software division to produce a special edition podcast series created expressly for Keysight Learning. Brought together through a shared commitment to online engineering education and success, the two companies have partnered to develop a four-episode podcast series entitled "From Frustration to Elation." The series will explore obstacles faced in the existing engineering design workflow and how EDA tools must continually evolve and improve. The purpose of this effort is to provide solutions that enable engineers to meet the growing complexities, speeds, and tighter constraints of today’s high frequency, high data rate applications. Keysight Learning is a digital repository of engineering courses, podcasts, and other technical resources for professional engineers. The EEcosystem Podcast is a platform and online community dedicated to educate, connect, and equip electronic design and development engineers who are designing these high speed products.

The series will be hosted by industry veteran Judy Warner, host and founder of The EEcosystem Podcast. Each episode will feature a pair of industry subject matter experts discussing a given discipline within the product design workflow. The first episode, "The Signal Integrity Workflow Evolution," features Signal Integrity Experts Dr. Eric Bogatin and Dr. Tim Wang-Lee. It will be released on The EEcosystem website, YouTube, and all major podcast apps on August 8, 2023. It will be released on the Keysight Learning platform on August 17, 2023. The following episodes will be released every month. The Keysight address for these podcasts is: From Frustration to Elation (

Keysight product marketing manager Roberto Piacentini-Filho stated “It’s been a pleasure to collaboratively create this new series with Judy Warner and The EEcosystem Podcast. This medium allows us to deliver solid engineering education in the form of a conversation that’s authentic and relatable. It will also give engineers an insider's perspective into the minds of some of the industry's leading technology experts.”

Warner commented “It’s been enjoyable and energizing to work strategically and creatively alongside Roberto and Keysight on this podcast series. We share a like-minded approach and sincere desire to give engineers a refreshing and valuable learning experience. In this post-pandemic era, online education needs to offer greater variety and expand beyond standard webinars. I think we’ve accomplished that in this series.”