Pulsonix, the electronic design automation company delivering technology-leading PCB design solutions, announces the release of Pulsonix Version 12.5, a significant update that brings a host of new features and enhancements to the PCB design industry. This latest version reinforces the Pulsonix commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools that empower engineers and designers to optimize their workflows, accelerate time to market, and achieve remarkable design excellence.  

Animated 3D Folding for Flexi Boards

One of the standout features in Pulsonix Version 12.5 is the introduction of animated 3D folding for flexi boards. Designers can now visualize their flexi board designs with bends and curves that can be seen moving in real time using realistic animation. With the ability to add bend regions to PCB designs, engineers can dictate how the bending will be performed in the 3D Viewer, providing a visual confirmation of the board's behavior. These bend regions define the size, direction/angle of the bend, and include Component and Via Keep Out areas for design rule checking purposes. 

Expanded Export Options

In response to customer feedback and industry demand, Pulsonix Version 12.5 introduces an expanded range of export options. In addition to the STEP format, users can now export their designs as STL files, providing an alternative option for importing into mechanical CAD systems and 3D printers. Additionally, an export can now be defined as a single merged entity for both STEP and STL formats, significantly reducing the internal file complexity where individual PCB entities are not required. This flexibility enables seamless collaboration and integration between PCB design and mechanical design teams. 

Enhanced Graphics and Performance

Pulsonix Version 12.5 harnesses the power of GPU acceleration to deliver improved graphics performance, even with off-the-shelf computer hardware. Users now have the ability to control the level of hardware acceleration, balancing quality and performance to meet their specific requirements. The update also introduces the capability to draw dynamic items, such as display clearances and interactive routines, using GPU graphics. These enhancements further enhance display performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient design experience. 

Advanced Technology Rules and Imports

Pulsonix Version 12.5 introduces new technology rules and imports that provide greater precision and control over designs. Users can now define thermal and teardrop rules by layer and area, allowing for more detailed and accurate designs. The software also enables the generation of QR codes as a font style, eliminating the need for external imports and allowing QR codes to be added to electrical layers seamlessly. The ability to export and import complex rules via CSV files simplifies the creation and integration of rules from external systems, enabling faster and more efficient design processes. 

Enhanced Revision Control

The updated Pulsonix Vault in Version 12.5 brings significant enhancements to the management and organization of design files. Generic files that are not design or library specific, such as Gerber and Excellon NC Drill files, STEP models, and bill-of-materials can now be stored as part of the Vault system. This inclusion of generic files allows for better versioning and centralized access to important project documentation. Additionally, hyperlinks within the Vault's Attribute list can now be executed directly, enabling easy access to associated web URLs, PDF files, and other documents. 

Further improvements have been made to the Pulsonix Vault, including the ability to import full or partial libraries directly, enhanced column sorting and order, splitter controls in the browser window, improved performance for finding components by footprint or symbol, and additional filtering capabilities in the check-out dialog. These updates, along with numerous other enhancements, ensure a more efficient and streamlined experience when working with the Pulsonix Vault. 

“We are excited to introduce Pulsonix Version 12.5, a feature-rich update that reflects our dedication to empowering PCB designers with state-of-the-art tools,” said Bob Williams, marketing director for Pulsonix. “We believe that the animated 3D folding for flexi boards, expanded export options, improved graphics performance, advanced technology rules, and the enhanced Pulsonix Vault will greatly enhance the capabilities of our users and streamline their design processes.”