ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) today announced publication of two new reports, "Sustainable 6G Connectivity—A Powerful Means of Doing Good" and "AI-Native Wireless Networks." These reports address two of the “Six Audacious Goals” set forth in the NGA Roadmap to 6G, the foundation of the NGA’s vision for North American 6G leadership in 6G and beyond.

Sustainable 6G Connectivity—A Powerful Means of Doing Good

Sustainability is deeply woven into the NGA’s mission. This paper surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of a sustainable 6G system a reality. The overarching mandate is to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy consumption in the pursuit of significantly lower—ideally net-zero—greenhouse gas emissions. The approach set forth in this paper is holistic, covering the information and communications technology (ICT) sector’s full environmental impact, including the usage and pollution of air, water, and land through ICT technologies. The paper presents a path toward a sustainable 6G system that spans the entire life cycle of ICT technologies—from material sourcing and mining, to manufacturing and supply chain, operation and maintenance and, ultimately, waste management.

AI-Native Wireless Networks

Native support of artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to be one of the major features of the next generation wireless network. In addition to being woven in the NGA mission as is sustainability, AI-native networks are one of NGA’s research priorities that will require strong collaboration among industry, government, and academia. This work is meant to identify driving forces, technical challenges, and research directions. The initial application of AI/ML (machine learning) to wireless networks began with 5G. However, its application in 6G will be more real-time, increasingly comprehensive and seamlessly integrated into the design of the wireless system. The AI-Native Wireless Networks white paper surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of an AI-native wireless network a reality. 

"Sustainable 6G Connectivity" and "AI-Native Wireless Networks" are the final two reports in a series on the NGA’s Six Audacious Goals. Reports on trust, security, and resilience; cost-efficient solutions; digital world experience; as well as 6G distributed cloud and communications systems were delivered in 2022. The Audacious Goals address top priorities for North America’s contribution and leadership in 6G-related global standards, deployments, products, operations, and services. 

“While completion of these two papers marks a culmination, it is also a starting point for continued NGA work with the ICT industry to ensure these features are an integral part of future networks,” said Next G Alliance managing director, ATIS’ Mike Nawrocki. “Already underway, in fact, the work is advancing rapidly. Its continuation is building a solid foundation to position North America at the forefront of wireless technology development in the 6G and beyond future.”

“The publication of these last two strategic white papers related to the Six Audacious Goals lays the foundation for 6G and beyond,” said Amitava Ghosh, Nokia Bell Labs fellow and National 6G Roadmap Working Group chair. The AI-Native Wireless Network paper surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of an AI-native wireless network a reality. The "Sustainable 6G Connectivity—A Powerful Means of Doing Good" paper outlines the research and technology directions for a sustainable 6G system and should be read in conjunction with "Green G: The Path Towards Sustainable 6G" white paper. These papers provide an excellent summary of major building blocks for 6G. Thanks to the NGA Roadmap Working Group, Technology Working Group, and Green G members who contributed and reviewed these white papers.”

Access Sustainable 6G Connectivity, AI-Native Wireless Networks and all NGA publications in the Next G Alliance 6G Library.