ATIS' Next G Alliance (NGA) announced publication of the white paper "Distributed Sensing and Communications," which highlights the transformative role of 6G technology in enhancing integrated sensing and communication systems. The innovations covered are poised to establish ubiquitous connectivity facilitated by emerging network services. The goal is to enable massive, creative, and value-driven sensor and data collection opportunities for the industry.

Next-generation systems will enable distributed sensors and communication networks to implement a tightly integrated exchange of data allowing systems of sensors to work together. These will provide the network with critical analytics to upgrade configurations and improve performance. Working independently and in tandem, these systems will enable new user capabilities. In this “self-optimizing” environment, security, safety, and autonomous applications can thrive. AI/ML models can be trained to support this evolution.

“Nearly all markets with use cases in this application class will experience the impact of 6G distributed sensing innovation,” said NGA managing director David Young. “These include health care, public safety, agriculture and environmental monitoring, and the new NGA report focuses on the potential impact in the critical sectors of health care and public safety.”

“One of the aspirational roles that 6G can fulfill for us is the intelligent collection, processing, and distribution of data to authorized users or applications whenever and wherever needs arise,” said Ki-Dong Lee (LG Electronics), chair applications working group. “Aligned with NGA’s six audacious goals, this report explores use cases that can bring value to daily life. These include an improved quality of communication experience (sensing-assisted communications, SAC) and enhanced awareness of circumstances of interest (communication-assisted sensing, CAS). Moreover, utmost attention is given to ensuring the security and privacy that matter most to data owners or authorized users.”

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