EFFECT Photonics, a leading developer of highly integrated optical solutions, announced today the development of a new Pico Tunable Laser Assembly (pTLA) to address the growing demand for 100G coherent transceivers in access networks. Tunable lasers are a core component of optical systems enabling dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) which allows network operators to expand their network capacity without expanding the existing fiber infrastructure.  Purposely designed for the optical network edge, EFFECT Photonics new pTLA supports both commercial- and industrial-temperature (C-temp and I-temp) operating ranges and offers an ideal combination of power, cost, and size to enable a transceiver form-factors to upgrade the existing infrastructure to a scalable 100 Gb/s coherent solution. Visit EFFECT Photonics Booth #2423 at OFC23 in San Diego, Calif., from March 7 to 9, 2023, to learn more.

According to a recent Heavy Reading survey, 75% of operators believe that 100G coherent pluggable optics will be used extensively in their edge and access evolution strategy. However, market adoption has yet to materialize, since affordable and power-efficient 100ZR-based products are currently not available due to stringent size and power consumption requirements that cannot be fulfilled by today’s tunable laser solutions. Designed specifically to address the 100G coherent network edge, EFFECT Photonics’ pTLA will allow coherent pluggables to be deployed more easily and cost effectively in the access domain, and will feature optimal laser performance, size, and power consumption for a standard QSFP28 form-factor. Furthermore, EFFECT Photonics’ new pTLA utilizes the existing microelectronics ecosystem to allow manufacturing at scale as well as complementary coherent products and services, such as DSPs, for those providers in need of a complete transceiver solution. 

“Today’s operators need a network edge aggregation strategy that offers the best combination of capacity, cost-effectiveness, and performance to evolve network access effectively, and 100G coherent pluggable optics offer just that,” said Roberto Marcoccia, CEO of EFFECT Photonics. “EFFECT Photonics’ new Pico Tunable Laser Assembly will be the only purpose-designed tunable laser assembly to serve this emerging market, helping to easily scale up network edge aggregation capacity and benefit from coherent technology.”