An efficient circuit design requires advanced simulations. But each simulation is only as good as the data used at the start. 

Circuital simulation is a key element for electronics design and is supported by various computer-based tools. A proven, fast processing tool for this is SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), which was first presented in 1973 at the University of California, Berkeley. This program has been further developed over the last decades, and it is now a widely used program that calculates algorithmic approximated solutions for analog, digital and mixed electrical circuits.

Today, a successful circuit design is almost always preceded by a simulation. However, a simulation is only as good as the data available. SCHURTER offers sophisticated simulation models for several of its single- and three-phase common-mode chokes. With these advanced simulation models, it is possible to precisely determine the effect the choke has in solving noise problems in an electrical circuit. 

SPICE models

With detailed SPICE simulation models, SCHURTER offers reliable support for the safe and cost-efficient development of electronic circuits using current compensated or linear chokes. The respective damping curves, SPICE models, and mechanical CAD models are available.

Download the SCHURTER SPICE library here.