Indium Corporation® announces that it is now offering CW-818, a uniquely formulated no-clean, high-reliability flux-cored wire designed to minimize cycle times in manual and robotic soldering processes while delivering top tier soldering speed and spread.  

Designed to meet the requirements of manual and robotic soldering processes, Indium Corporation’s halide-free CW-818 combines improved soldering speed and spread with improved overall cleanliness (with clear/light-colored residue, charring resistance, and spatter control technology) to deliver a flux-cored wire with enhanced cleanliness, even at higher soldering iron tip temperatures.

CW-818 excels in manual and robotic soldering applications where the J-STD-004C high-reliability category is desired or required; or applications where extra wetting power is needed to achieve a higher throughput.

Indium Corporation’s CW-818 is also:

  • Compatible with Pb-free and SnPb alloys
  • Compatible with HASL, Immersion Silver, ENIG, and OSP surface finishes
  • A good choice for legacy processes requiring an RMA-strength product.