Radar and wireless systems demand high-performance, signal processing, and the ability to handle massive amounts of data moving in and out of compute devices. The Versal Premium series with AI Engines from AMD-Xilinx is built for those requirements, optimized for signal processing-intensive applications in the aerospace and defense (A&D) and test and measurement (T&M) markets. Primary use cases include radar applications, signals intelligence, wireless system testing, and wireless device testing.


The Versal Premium series with AI engines is part of AMD-Xilinx’s 7 nm Versal adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) portfolio including the existing Versal Premium series devices currently shipping to customers. The Versal Premium series with AI engines delivers a 4x increase in signal processing capacity compared to the last-generation Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P FPGA. It also eliminates I/O bottlenecks with up to 9 Tb/s serial bandwidth and offers significantly reduced size, weight, and power through heterogeneous, power-optimized integration of hardened, ASIC-like cores such as 100G/600G Ethernet cores, 400G High Speed Crypto Engines, DDR memory controller, and integrated PCIe Gen5 blocks. 

Versal Premium with AI engines combines highly advanced signal processing from the proven Versal AI Core series, currently shipping to customers in production volumes, with the massive digital signal processing (DSP) compute capacity and serial bandwidth capacities of the existing Versal Premium series. By combining AI Engines with DSP Engines, users of Versal Premium with AI Engines devices can realize major performance gains compared to prior generation 16 nm Xilinx devices and competing products on the market today. The below chart highlights the performance gains for CIN16, FP32 and INT8 acceleration.


By offering the heterogenous integration of both AI engines and DSP engines, A&D and T&M customers are able to assign the right compute engine for the right task, from A&D radar applications such as adaptive beamforming, to signal processing for RF machine learning applications like digital RF memory and direction finding. In the T&M market, Versal Premium with AI engines addresses the growing demand for wireless testing as part of the global 5G rollout for applications like 5G protocol and production testing, as well as semiconductor automated test equipment.  


The Versal Premium series with AI engines deliver major performance gains and additional functionality at reduced power and with a smaller footprint. In radar beamforming applications, the heterogenous compute engines enable 67% smaller footprint and up to 43% lower power with 2x beamforming performance.


As with all members of the Versal ACAP portfolio, we provide development tools suited for a wide range of developers. AMD-Xilinx have Vivado ML for hardware developers and their Vitis and Vitis AI development platforms for software developers and AI and data scientists. Customers also have access to AI Engine tutorials and demo designs to help them get up and running more quickly.

The Versal Premium series with AI engines is expected to begin shipping in the first half of next year, but customers can start prototyping using the existing Versal Premium and Versal AI Core Evaluation Kits and devices for documentation and tools are available now.