Isola Group will be exhibiting at the upcoming DesignCon 2022 expo and conference. The event, scheduled for April 5-7, 2022, at the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA), provides visitors with the chance to learn more about Isola’s reliable, high-performance circuit materials and how they can form the foundations for miniature circuit solutions engineered for efficient and practical manufacturing processes. 

Isola Group will be well represented at exhibition booth #743, with details and data about its extensive portfolio of circuit materials. The event, in the heart of the historic “Silicon Valley” area of northern California, features a 14-track technical conference and large exhibition area. It is promoted as “Where the Chip Meets the Board,” and Isola is a leading supplier of materials for “the board.” The show highlights the latest, fastest-growing markets in electronics, including Fifth Generation (5G) wireless cellular communications with a growing demand for circuit materials for 5G infrastructure equipment and mobile devices.

Isola’s “material masters” will be on hand to share insights on their premium circuit materials for high-speed-digital (HSD) and RF/microwave (RF/MW) circuits. HSD circuit materials include I-Speed®, I-Tera® MT40, Tachyon® 100G and, for those developing low-loss, halogen-free circuits, the high-speed TerraGreen® 400G laminates and prepregs, for designs requiring high-level SI performance to 100 Gb/s and beyond. Circuit materials for high-frequency RF/MW circuits include Astra® MT77, I-Tera® MT40 (RF/MW), and IS680/IS680 AG laminates. Standard TerraGreen® circuit materials provide a halogen-free choice for many general-purpose circuits while TerraGreen® 400G (RF/MW) circuit materials offer the halogen-free option at RF, microwave, and higher frequencies. These extremely low-loss circuit materials support circuits into the millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency range, to 110 GHz. 

Since the challenging combination of high circuit density and miniaturization is a growing trend for HSD and RF/MW circuits, visitors to the Isola booth can learn how to combine both types of circuits into compact hybrid PCBs that support multiple-signal operation with multiple-material solutions. Time at the Isola booth can lead to improved understanding of the different circuit materials needed for modern electronic products requiring both HSD and RF/MW circuits, and how compatibility of essential material characteristics, such as coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), can enable the reliable, long-term coexistence of different circuit materials on a hybrid PCB. High-frequency circuit materials such as Astra® MT77 and I-Tera® MT40 are also FR-4 process compatible for ease of hybrid circuit fabrication.