VIAVI Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) announced that the PCI-SIG® has completed their correlation process and approved the results generated by the VIAVI Xgig PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 Exerciser to test link and transaction protocol compliance at 32GT/s. The VIAVI results are confirmed by the PCI-SIG SEG sub-group to match PCIe 5.0 compliance specification requirements. PCI-SIG is the community responsible for developing and maintaining PCIe specifications, the de facto standard for I/O data transfers.

The results generated by the Xgig PCIe 5.0 Exerciser, when performed at one of PCI-SIG's globally located workshops, will count toward a product's acceptance onto the official PCIe 5.0 Integrators List. In light of VIAVI becoming an approved test equipment (TE) provider to PCI-SIG workshops, it allows PCI-SIG members to continue testing between workshops using the VIAVI compliance tool.

The PCI-SIG community has over 900 members, including the world's largest chip manufacturers. At each specification release, the organization aims to double the data rate for compliant components and devices. The next PCI-SIG compliance workshop for Gen 5 is scheduled for April 18-22, in Burlingame, CA, USA.

"PCI Express technology is a critical standard that underpins the success of virtually every form of computing," said Tom Fawcett, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Lab and Production Business Unit, VIAVI. "And yet, there are very few companies with the expertise to handle PCIe compliance testing. We’re looking forward to supporting the PCI-SIG community and giving them the foundation for moving ahead with PCIe 5.0 technology and onward."

"PCIe Compliance testing is fundamental to our standardization efforts,” said Al Yanes, PCI-SIG Chairperson, and President. “VIAVI plays a role in this effort and we're looking forward to meeting them and the rest of our members at our next compliance workshop this April."