Pixus Technologies has a 6U tall 19” rackmount chassis for 3U OpenVPX and SOSA aligned boards. The chassis was designed specifically for the high-power requirements of solutions that are aligned to the SOSA technical standard.

The rugged rackmount chassis supports up to 16 conduction-cooled modules per SOSA requirements and VITA 48.2 specifications. A specialized card mat set diverts heat to fins which spread the heat away from the card cage. Rear MIL grade fans then pull airflow through the fins to cool in excess of 100 W/slot, depending on the application specifics. 

Pixus provides a wide range of OpenVPX and SOSA aligned profiles up to 100GbE and PCIe Gen4 speeds. Various implementations of VITA 62 power supply configurations are available along with customizable I/O solutions for VITA 66/67 or other interfaces. Pixus also offers a mezzanine-type of VPX Chassis Manager designed for SOSA aligned applications. The unit is VITA 46.11 compliant and resides behind the backplane (without blocking any VITA 66/67 interfaces), and does not take up any plug-in slots.  

Pixus offers OpenVPX chassis solutions in various grades from commercial to MIL rugged. The company has a variety of solutions for 3U and 6U sized boards.