Yole and System Plus Consulting have been following the power electronics industry for some time. They have developed dedicated expertise in this domain, identifying the latest innovations, and analyzing the market trends and companies’ strategies. The two companies are releasing two key analyses to highlight the status of the power electronics industry, especially following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: Status of the Power Electronics Industry and Discrete Power Device Packaging Comparison. 

Status of the Power Electronics Industry is one of the power electronic best-sellers offered by the market research & strategy consulting company, Yole. This year, the company provides a comprehensive description of the market with a particular focus on the impact of COVID-19, the supply chain reorganization, and the chip shortage. This report also delivers a special report on the current increases in manufacturing capacity including 200 and 300mm wafer and analyses the evolution of the business models: IDM versus Foundry. Also, the global supply chains, and a feature on regional issues - China, the US, Japan, Europe, and Korea are well detailed in this 2021 edition and driven by moves to in-house manufacturing to ensure a strong supply chain. Yole’s analysts identified the growing competence in power electronic device manufacturing and China’s efforts toward Made-in-China power electronics. 

So, what will the future look like? Read the full story here.