Passive Plus, Inc.’s online Capacitor Application Program (C.A.P.) helps engineers and designers select capacitors by inserting basic capacitor requirements (cap value, frequency). C.A.P then produces scattering matrices (S2P) charts, electrical parameters (ESR, Q, impedance), and available mechanical options (case size, terminations, mounting). Once engineers have determined their capacitor requirements, C.A.P. helps complete online requests for quotes (RFQs), datasheets, and sample requests if desired.

PPI provides technical information and support allowing engineers to determine the correct PPI capacitor for their requirements. Series information, such as series datasheets, S-parameter data, and Modelithics® modeling data can be found at Part information and datasheets can be found at

The C.A.P. can be found on the PPI website,

Contact PPI directly at +1 (631) 425-0938 or for more information or questions.