Menlo Microsystems, Inc. announced its virtual Switch Summit on June 16 & 17. Menlo Micro’s event is bringing the ecosystem together to showcase MEMS switching technologies that are on the forefront of innovation for today’s electrification needs and tomorrow’s future.

The electrification of everything is in a position to solve society’s big challenges the world needs to become more resilient and sustainable. In his opening keynote at this year’s virtual Switch Summit, iPod inventor and co-founder of Nest, Tony Fadell, along with Menlo Micro executives, engineers and leading partners will share how innovation will shape the future of electrification and will accelerate digital transformation

The Switch Summit will feature keynotes, panels, and a series of innovative technical demonstrations and talks, including two tracks of 12 sessions discussing Menlo Micro’s latest technology breakthroughs and the real-world impact of the Ideal Switch™ across applications and industries.

Technical demonstrations will include:

    Introduction of the MM5600 high speed switch for PCIe Gen 5 signal integrity measurements
    High-power RF filter development resulting in 90 percent size savings over traditional designs
    One-of-a-kind 16-channel 8 GHz PXI signal multiplexer
    Novel power relay designs with applications for Industrial IoT and smart charging
    Latest advances in the design and test of ultra-reliable MEMS switches
    Streamlining MEMS-based designs using advanced circuit and electromagnetic EDA software.