Keysight Technologies, Inc, has announced that it will achieve net zero emissions in its operations by end of fiscal year 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s timeline. 

“Keysight is committed to help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change,” said Ingrid Estrada, Keysight’s chief administrative officer. “This commitment puts our environmental sustainability efforts in alignment with the Paris Agreement’s preferred goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which many of our customers and investors now expect from their strategic partners.”

Keysight’s strategy focuses on achieving net zero emissions in its operations (Scope 1 and Scope 2) through energy efficiency and conservation, investment in renewable energy and selective purchase of certified offsets to neutralize any residual emissions. In particular, the company’s renewable energy approach will consider a mix of on-site renewable energy installations, procurement of green energy from utility providers and power purchase agreements in solar and wind energy.

To ensure progress and accountability towards the net zero goal, Keysight has committed to the following interim measures:

  • By the end of fiscal year 2030 – the company commits to 55% renewable energy and 10% energy reduction through efficiency and conservation initiatives (based on fiscal year 2019 baseline)
  • By the end of fiscal year 2040 – the company commits to 100% renewable energy and 20% energy reduction through efficiency and conservation initiatives (based on fiscal year 2019 baseline)

Through this process, Keysight will commit to the Science Based Targets initiative to develop approved science-based targets across relevant scopes.

In addition to these operational targets, Keysight’s sustainably developed solutions and services enable its customers to meet their own climate goals. The company’s circular economy approach to its product lifecycle model helps mitigate environmental impacts with a focus on utilization longevity, maintenance service, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. Keysight's design, test, manufacture and optimization solutions are also critical enablers for customers implementing disruptive technologies in automotive electro-mobility, renewable energy and smart infrastructures in support of global environmental sustainability.

"Our net zero goal sends a clear message to key stakeholders about our strategic direction in environmentally sustainable operations," said Ron Nersesian, Keysight chairman, president and CEO. "By connecting these operational efforts with our sustainably-developed solutions and services that empower the clean tech and eMobility transformation, Keysight continues to exemplify our commitment to a sustainable future.”

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