Averatek Corporation announced Firan Technology Group (FTG) as an A-SAP™ licensee.  A-SAP is an advanced PCB manufacturing technology that enables feature sizes of 25 microns and below, effectively providing PCB designers with opportunities to address the challenges of next-generation electronics.

“As a trusted partner that provides solutions to the aerospace and defense market, we are pleased to be one of the first global corporations to partner with Averatek and implement the A-SAP™ process,” said Brad Bourne, president and CEO of FTG. “We believe that semi-additive manufacturing processes will provide many benefits in printed circuits board performance and we look forward to working with Averatek and our customers to develop these processes and achieve these benefits.”

“Averatek is delighted to be working closely with FTG,” said Haris Basit, CEO of Averatek, “A-SAP™ technology aligns with the FTG commitment to high-quality and high reliability. Our ultra-high-density process represents a strong complementary capability for support of FTG’s next-generation electronics.”

Averatek A-SAP™ is an advanced manufacturing process for printed circuit board fabrication with trace and space widths as narrow as 15 microns. This process can dramatically reduce area, layer count and weight of electronics systems as well as provide significant RF benefits.  A-SAP™ can be easily integrated with traditional PCB manufacturing equipment and materials.