Richardson Electronics, Ltd. strengthens its RF offering with Masach Tech™ EMI/RFI shields. These rigid, very planar parts are designed for reflow solder and have a removable lid to allow for much easier component troubleshooting and repair.

Founded in 1994, Masach Tech specializes in the design and production of board-level EMI/RFI shielding. Shielding is key to protecting RF devices as it assists in preventing unwanted electromagnetic waves from interfering with and causing damage to the internal circuits of a product. Key features include:
•    A seamless protective cage for higher shielding effectiveness
•    Optimal planarity for a higher yield on reflow soldering
•    Solid construction to resist dents and warps
•    A two-piece shield design, enabling the repair of components without removing the shield

With a wide range of shield configurations, Masach’s selection guide is a must-have for a quick view of their offerings. Masach also offers a free CAD file for design-in work.

“Being a distributor and a manufacturer for a broad range of electronic-based components, we understand the necessity of making sure our customers’ products are protected. Masach’s first-class EMI/RFI shields are proven to be of the highest quality and excellent performance," said Greg Peloquin, executive vice president of Richardson Electronics' Power & Microwave Technologies group.

“Masach’s widest selection of EMI/RFI shields enables utmost flexibility in design, from early stages of prototyping to production. The collaboration with Richardson Electronics expands Masach’s global distribution and supply chain through one of the world's leading provider of RF engineering and design solutions,” said Nir Brand, director of Global Business Development of Masach Tech.