Keysight SI/PI ProSIPro uses an innovative new composite EM-technology that delivers high-frequency accuracy, together with the speed and capacity required for densely-routed cutting-edge PCB design. When compared to gold-standard Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations, SIPro demonstrates very good agreement at a small-fraction of the time and memory consumption, even above 20 GHz.

The PIPro solution is a collection of three PI-specific simulation engines for DC IR drop, AC power delivery network (PDN) impedance, and power plane resonances analysis. The DC IR drop simulator provides a table of DC voltages and currents for each via, pin, sink and voltage regulator module in the PDN, enabling SI/PI engineers to predict DC voltage at the pins of the ICs sinking the current. With the visualization of voltages, current density and power dissipation on the power and ground nets, engineers can easily identify trouble-spots in the design. The AC PDN impedance analysis calculates the frequency dependency of the PDN with decoupling capacitors in place. With power plane resonance simulation, the self-resonant frequencies of the layout are identified and the electric and magnetic fields visualized to better understand where resonances are originating.

SIPro and PIPro solutions feature a new analysis environment with a native 3D-viewer that enables designers to visually inspect nets prior to simulation and view post-processed field visualizations in 3D. The EM setup is completely net-driven, allowing designers to select only those nets they want to simulate, with no time or engineering effort required to manually edit or manipulate layout objects before simulation. With this new workflow, designers can go from layout to results in less than 20 clicks.

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