Spectrum Instrumentation has announced a digital input option (M4i.44xx-DigSMA) for its popular high-speed and high-resolution series of PCIe digitizers. The option consists of an additional module that sits beside the existing digitizer card to provide eight additional digital input lines. The digital input module shares a common clock and trigger with the base card so that both the digital and analog inputs are fully synchronous. This makes the combination ideal for a variety of mixed signal testing applications. The option is available for all digitizer models of the "44"-series with up to 500 MS/s and two or four analog inputs. More analog channels can also be acquired by linking up to eight digitizers together with Spectrum's Star-Hub clock and trigger distribution system. The price for the option is $845, the digitizers start at $7,270. 

The Spectrum M4i.44xx series of PCIe digitizer cards consists of eight different models. Users can select from versions that have either two or four analog channels and sampling rates of 180 or 250 MS/s, with 16-bit resolution, or higher speeds of 400 or 500 MS/s, with 14-bit resolution. The digitizer cards of the "44" series are fully equipped with extensive analog signal conditioning (six input ranges, selectable input impedance, offset, etc.) and advanced triggering capabilities. The acquired data can be stored in a generous two GSamples of on-board memory or transferred to a PC in a variety of memory efficient read-out modes, including FIFO streaming, at rates up to 3.4 GB/s.