February 18, 2020

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A Brave New World: Simulating DDR5

By Stephen Slater

Eagerly anticipated, the next generation of DRAM technologies (DDR5/LPDDR5) are presently being validated in the lab by leading silicon vendors worldwide. This latest generation has a big surprise in store for hardware engineers and SI specialists that need to simulate such systems. Get the details in this article from SIJ EAB member Stephen Slater.


DesignCon Experts and Companies Take Center Stage

By Janine Love and Pat Hindle

DesignCon is north America's largest chip, board, and systems event, and took place the last week in January for its 25th year. The event brings together the brightest minds across the high-speed communications and semiconductor industries who are looking to engineer the technology of tomorrow. Read on to see our roundup for some of the things that took place at DesignCon 2020.

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Rohde & Schwarz Improves Signal Integrity Debugging With Jitter Decomposition Approach for Its Oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schwarz developed a method for analyzing the individual components of jitter, providing electronic circuit designers with previously unavailable in-depth knowledge vital for debugging high-speed signals.

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DuPont and SCHMID Announce Partnership for PCB Plating Applications

DuPont Electronics & Imaging and SCHMID Group announced that they have entered into a nonexclusive joint development agreement to explore PCB plating applications to bring advanced changes to their global customers.


Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc.


The Importance of Accurate S-Parameters for PAM-4 Applications

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc.

PAM-4 has been introduced in high-speed serial data technology to reduce the bandwidth demands of ultra-high data rates. It uses only half the bandwidth per bit that would be required of conventional NRZ modulation. Evaluation of channels is now just as important to system development as SerDes testing. Downlaod the app note.

Rohde & Schwarz

Extending the Functionality of the Oscilloscope: Available On-Demand

Modern instruments are available to perform almost any measurement with extreme accuracy and resolution. Despite this, there has been a trend to include more capabilities within the most common of benchtop instruments, the oscilloscope. This webinar focuses on the overview of these new features, the tradeoffs and limits compared with traditional instruments and Steve Sandler's predictions for what might come next. View the on-demand presentation to discover more.

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The 2020 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI is the leading of EMC and Signal & Power Integrity techniques to engineers of all backgrounds.

The Symposium features five full days of training, innovative sessions, interactive workshops & tutorials, experiments & demonstrations and social networking events. Now you can pick how you would like to attend, in person or online.



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