DAI-ICHI SEIKO Co., Ltd., has announced it will be changing its name to I-PEX Inc. effective August 1, 2020. Along with the latest name, the logo will also be changing. This is being done to unify the company name and corporate brand into one name, “I-PEX,” which is intended to enhance our corporate image and gain brand awareness on a global scale.

Around the world, the company is known as I-PEX, I-PEX Connectors, I-PEX Sensors, I-PEX Automotive, Touchstone Precision Inc. or DAI-ICHI SEIKO. Their business goals remain the same: to provide original technology, products, and solutions, while becoming a global brand that is trusted and beloved. They are the same company united with one name and one logo.

The company DNA has always been our manufacturing expertise, and that’s not changing. Going forward, they will strive to grow sustainably as an expert in innovative product development and engineering solutions, while creating value, and staying one step ahead of the needs of the times.

They will be transitioning to the latest logo on our products, packaging, advertising, and more in the next few months. It has already been implemented on our social media channels (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Youku, WeChat).