Flexible cables offer replacement for semi-rigid

SpectrumFlex is a flexible cable that can be terminated with any standard semi-rigid cable connector. There are three versions available: Series 47F, which is a replacement for 0.047" semi-rigid cable, Series 89F that can replace 0.085" semi-rigid cable, and Series 169F, which is a replacement for 0.141" semi-rigid cable.

SpectrumFlex 47F and 89F are miniature assemblies with 0.055" (1.40 mm) and 0.096" (2.44 mm) diameters, durable construction and low profiles in SMA configuration. They offer excellent electrical performance in a trouble-free, compact assembly. They are especially suitable for situations where: the development of complicated semi-rigid cable drawings is prohibitive from a time or cost perspective; the installation of other miniature cable assemblies has caused expensive or hard-to-find failures; high density devices require stable, miniature cable assemblies for connection during test; and the cost of SMA right-angle connectors may be prohibitive.

Combining flexibility and durability with a larger diameter – 0.160" (4.06 mm) SpectrumFlex 169F maintains excellent electrical characteristics and performance through multiple flexures and offers a high strength replacement for RG 402 semi-rigid cable.

The SpectrumFlex 47F comprises a solid silver-plated copper-clad steel center conductor, solid PTFE dielectric, high coverage, silver-plated copper ribbon braid, high coverage, silver-plated stainless steel braid and extruded FEP jacket. Both the SpectrumFlex 89F and the 169F are made up of the same center conductor and dielectric, helically wrapped silver-plated copper foil shield, high coverage, silver-plated high strength alloy braid and extruded FEP jacket. The robust construction of all three versions ensures high compression resistance and durability and eliminates cable breakage associated with repeated bending and handling.

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