Black Box, introduced SFP+ 10-Gbps and QSFP+ 40-Gbps Direct Attach Cables (DACs), designed to provide premium, cost-effective, and error-free performance for data, storage, and high-performance computing interconnectivity. Measuring up to 5 meters in length and featuring SFP+ and QSFP+ fiber-type connectors, these passive copper cables are well-suited for connecting switches, routers, and servers from major suppliers, as well as other Multi-Source Agreement-compliant equipment in Ethernet networking applications.

"For data centers and other facilities striving to keep service delivery speeds in line with the increasing demands of data-intensive applications, these 10-Gbps and 40-Gbps DACs provide exceptional performance and the most cost-effective connectivity solutions on the market," said David Muzinic, product manager at Black Box. "As all-in-one cabling solutions, the new DACs provide lower latency than transceiver solutions, and they install more quickly and easily too. With almost zero power consumption, they also help to reduce users' electric bills."

The 10-Gigabit and 40-Gbps DACs add to Black Box's line of solutions that enable facilities to support bandwidth-intensive services such as smartphone data (3G, 4G, and 5G), video streaming, apps, the internet, server virtualization, software-defined networking, and cloud computing with no lag or latency. When employed to support high-speed networking, AV, and KVM solutions, the hot-swappable DACs with integrated transceivers make installation, upgrades, and equipment replacement both simple and quick.

As 2020 progresses, Black Box will expand this offering with the release of additional high-speed networking connectivity solutions to facilitate today's increasingly fast-paced world. Further details on the SFP+ 10-Gbps and QSFP+ 40-Gbps DACs are available at