The next generation in high power RF transmission

Figure 1

Figure 1 Power handling of MEIA-1625 (blue) and MEIA-875 (red) connectors (interface only, 25ºC, sea level, matched load).

TRU Corp. has introduced the latest innovation in high power connector design with the MEIA™ series interface. MEIA connectors and cable assemblies provide an innovative solution to common issues experienced in coaxial high power RF transmission. Higher power applications exceeding 5 kW begin to eliminate practical use of standard 7-16 and LC connector interfaces that do not have the required power handling or design margin in frequencies above 100 to 200 MHz. MEIA-1625 will handle approximately three times more power than a 7-16 interface and two times greater than an LC, up to an operating frequency of 3 GHz (see Figure 1). Traditionally, engineers have turned to EIA 7/8 or EIA 1-5/8 connectors to handle these high power requirements but were faced with a set of different challenges regarding size, weight and the difficulty of hand fastening the flanged interface with bolts and nuts.

Figure 2

Figure 2 MEIA-1625 is 30% smaller and 40% lighter than the comparable EIA 1-5/8 (a) and has a shorter form factor and more efficient threaded coupling than the EIA 1-5/8 (b).

The MEIA interface provides equivalent kW power handling compared to similar EIA connector line sizes but provides a 30 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter form factor with a high efficiency, threaded coupling mechanism as shown in Figure 2. This threaded coupling eliminates the issues inherently found in mechanically aligning and fastening a flanged EIA interface with individual bolts. MEIA offers greater ease of installation and coupling while providing superior power handling characteristics.

Operating over the frequency of DC to 3 GHz, the MEIA connectors have a voltage rating of 5100 V rms and dielectric withstanding voltage of 10400 V rms. The connectors offer a durability of 500 cycles minimum and meet various environmental testing standards.

The MEIA series is available with TRU Corp.’s flexible TRU-560 and TRU-500 coax cables to create an unmatched combination of high power and flexibility to suit your challenging applications. MEIA series high power panel mount receptacles can be designed with a variety of back-end launch geometries to optimize your equipment for performance and safety. MEIA to EIA adapters are available to allow transformation of existing EIA connections to the more efficient MEIA interface coupling.

TRU Corp.’s long heritage in high power design has made it a premier supplier in high power markets including critical safety applications in the industrial equipment segment. The company’s experienced technical staff is available to personally answer application questions.

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