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June 25, 2019

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Coming Up: Easier Signal Integrity Simulation Setup with IBIS 7.0

By Mike LaBonte

There was a time when the signal integrity of connections between digital ICs could be nearly ensured by following one simple rule: don’t connect more than some maximum number of input pins to any single output pin. Often the fanout limit would be around 7. No models, no simulations. Everything we needed was in the thick books of vendor datasheets that filled our shelves, the tree-killing viral precursor to AOL installation CDs. Ah, those were the days!


News Feature1

Imec Develops Method for Co-Integration of GaN Half-Bridge With Drivers to Boost Performance

At PCIM 2019 last month, imec announced a functional GaN half-bridge monolithically integrated with drivers. The release described how mounted on a buck-convertor test board, the chip converts an input voltage of 48 V to an output voltage of 1 V, with a pulse width modulation signal of 1 MHz. The achievement leverages on imec’s GaN-on-SOI and GaN-on-QST® technology platforms, reducing parasitic inductance and boosting commutation speed.

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KEMET T598 Tantalum Polymer Capacitors Set New Performance Benchmarks

KEMET Corporation expanded the temperature capability of T598 devices, a Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitor. These devices address the stringent requirements and new challenges presented by megatrend applications in automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and in digitalization uses such as supercomputing, mobility services, connectivity and infotainment.


EDI CON Online


EDI CON Online Will Reach Global Audience

Sponsored By EDI CON Online
The Electronic Design Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EDI CON) announced that this year, in conjunction with Microwave Journal (MWJ) and Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), it will host an online, interactive event for high frequency and high speed design engineers on September 10-12, 2019. The interactive technical sessions will occur at no cost to attendees, and sponsors will have the opportunity to present workshops and keynote sessions as part of the daily schedule. Learn More.

EDI CON Online


The 2019 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI is taking place July 22-26 in New Orleans, LA. The Symposium features five full days of training, sessions, interactive workshops and tutorials, experiments and demonstrations, and social networking events. Exchange ideas, share insights, ask questions, see new products, experience the latest innovations and learn from other experts in the field. Learn more.



Rohde & Schwarz Webcast

PAM4 Makes S-parameter Accuracy Critical!

Focusing on 56+ Gb/s PAM4 applications, we show why accurate measurements of the system S-parameters are now absolutely critical in component design, system implementation, and testing for both compliance and hardware debug. The biggest problems are caused by the channel--its frequency response, loss, and reflections--all of which are best described and evaluated in terms of S-parameters. After a short, conceptual review of differential S-parameters, we discuss ISI (inter-symbol interference) and crosstalk. Equalization of ISI in the presence of FEC presents all new problems and crosstalk becomes a major PAM4 signal impairment. It's not too late to register, join us!


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