LISA solutions

The LISA solution is a flexible and modular fiber management system. By cleverly combining the available building blocks, this concept supports a range of different applications. The constant development of the LISA system enables customer needs to be addressed in the optimum manner.

LISA Double Access

LISA Double Access is a high-density and modular cross-connect fiber management solution with a clear demarcation point between incoming and outgoing connections. The solution has been designed for customers who demand quick, simple and reliable MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) while expecting an attractive cost/benefit ratio.

In addition to the well-known features offered by the LISA system, the LISA Double Access design physically separates the incoming and outgoing connections of the installation. The centralised overlength management provides a good overview of connections.

Operators appreciate the simple and effective cable handling offered by this solution. Each port within the rack can be reached with a 3.5-metre patch cord, further simplifying operations and logistics.
The use of a 1500 mm rack reduces floor space requirements by 17 % compared to a conventional LISA setup with equivalent port density.