Anritsu Company will provide test solutions and techniques to verify high-speed communications featuring the latest technologies, including PCI Express™ (PCIe™) 3.0/4.0/5.0 and Ethernet PAM4, during DesignCon 2019, to be held January 29-31 in Santa Clara, CA.

Through a series of demonstrations in its booth (#615) and technical sessions, Anritsu will serve as the preeminent test resource for chip, board, and systems design engineers responsible for verifying emerging technologies used in data centers and cloud-networking services.  

“Explosive data growth for web-based services and the rollout of 5G requires high-speed technologies to meet KPIs and satisfy customer demands. At DesignCon 2019, Anritsu will present test solutions and insight on how engineers can efficiently and confidently verify that their designs will meet industry specifications to deliver a quality experience for users,” said Hiroshi Goto, Business Development Manager, Anritsu Company.

Among the demonstrations to be conducted by Anritsu will be PCIe 4.0 RX Link Equalization (LEQ) tests featuring the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT with a real-time oscilloscope and the Synopsys® DesignWare® Controller and PHY IP for PCI Express as the device under test (DUT). The demonstration will show a detailed procedure of how to conduct and troubleshoot the RX LEQ compliance test. In addition to LEQ tests, jitter tolerance tests on a PCIe 4.0 DUT will be conducted.

“As the leading provider of PCI Express IP, Synopsys is working with the ecosystem to deliver high-quality solutions that help designers significantly lower integration risk,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP at Synopsys. “Collaborating with Anritsu to demonstrate that our DesignWare IP for PCI Express 4.0 performance exceeds electrical specifications gives designers confidence that the IP functions as expected and ensures successful interoperability with other products in real-world environments.”

Anritsu’s leadership in 400GbE test solutions will be demonstrated, as well. A test station integrating the MP1900A and BERTWave™ MP2110A all-in-one test set with a TE Connectivity quad small form factor double density (QSFP-DD) high-speed connector and cable assembly will conduct PAM4 TX and RX tests. The demonstration will highlight the performance of the TE Connectivity solution while also showcasing Anritsu’s ability to conduct highly accurate and repeatable tests on 400GbE components and systems.

“Today’s 400GbE modules offer the flexibility to satisfy various needs and environments across the Ethernet ecosystem and target the massive aggregation of data across an array of applications. As our demonstration with Anritsu will show, TE Connectivity is at the forefront of developing solutions with industry leaders to bring the fastest speeds with the best performance,” said Nathan Tracy, OIF President and Technologist at TE Connectivity.

Complimentary Training and Workshops

The PCIe 4.0 Rx LEQ demonstration featuring the Synopsys DesignWare Controller and PHY IP for PCI Express will also be part of one technical session Anritsu will host on Thursday, January 31 in the Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Room 2. The demonstration will be preceded by a session entitled PCIe 3.0/4.0 TX/RX Compliance Test and Ready for PCIe 5.0 that begins at 10:05 a.m. and will be held in conjunction with Teledyne LeCroy.

Workshops focusing on PAM4 will be held by Anritsu engineers, as well. They include a seminar on 64Gbaud PAM4 Generation and 32 Gbaud PAM4 BER and JOTL Test. It will focus on BER analysis and receiver jitter tolerance tests of PAM4 signals and components at 200G/400G to ensure they are compliant with high-speed standards (IEEE802.3, OIF-CEI, IBTA). Afterward, a live demonstration – 32Gbaud PAM4 BER and JTOL Test Live Demo (64Gbp per lane) – featuring the MP1900A’s 32Gbaud PAM4 BERT test and jitter/noise tolerance test capability of 53Gbps PAM4 data signals will be held. 

High-speed Test Solutions

Other test instruments to verify high-speed chipsets, modules, and systems will be on display in the Anritsu booth, as well. Among the solutions are the Shockline™ 500 Series of 4-port vector network analyzers (VNAs) that bring an unprecedented level of value and performance, Network Master™ Flex MT1100A all-in-one transport tester, and VectorStar™ MS4647B 4-port VNA.