Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has commercialized halogen-free[1], ultra-low transmission loss[2], multi-layer circuit board material, called Halogen-free MEGTRON6 (representative part number: R-5375), suited for communications infrastructure equipment such as fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems. Production will begin in April 2019.

With the upcoming launch of 5G mobile communication system services, greater-capacity and faster data transmission speeds will be needed. Multi-layer circuit board material used as a key component in equipment such as servers and routers that support core systems for communications networks will require halogen-free material from the viewpoint of environmental protection, not to mention high-capacity and high-speed data transmission. Panasonic has commercialized this multi-layer circuit board material that is well suited for communications infrastructure equipment by achieving a halogen-free material that shows low transmission loss, high heat resistance, and high reliability, based on the company's proprietary resin design technology and compounding technology.

Panasonic's new Halogen-free MEGTRON6 multi-layer circuit board material has the following features:

1. Halogen-free material with a low transmission loss characteristic, contributing to higher-capacity and faster data transmission.

Dielectric constant (Dk)[3] = 3.4 (12 GHz)*1, Panasonic's conventional products*2 3.4 (12 GHz) *1
Dissipation factor (Df)[4] = 0.003 (12 GHz)*1, Panasonic's conventional products*2 0.004 (12 GHz)*1

2. Enhanced reliability of equipment operation due to highly heat-resistant, high-reliability multi-layer circuit board material

Reflow heat resistance: 10 cycles Pass (260 ℃, 32 layers); Panasonic's conventional products*2 28 layers 10 cycles
Insulation reliability: 1000 hours Pass (85 ℃, humidity 85 %, 50 V); Panasonic's conventional products*2 Similar
Thermal expansion coefficient (thickness direction) 39 ppm; Panasonic's conventional products*2 45 ppm
Glass transition temperature (Tg)[5]: 250 ℃/DMA, Thermal decomposition temperature (Td) 435 ℃; Panasonic's conventional products*2 Tg 210 ℃/DMA, Td 410 ℃

3. The halogen-free material improves ease of manufacturing and processing of multi-layer circuit boards with over 20 layers.


  • *1: Values for using low dielectric constant glass cloth
  • *2: Panasonic's conventional products: MEGTRON6 ultra-low transmission loss multi-layer circuit board material (part number R-5775)

Suitable applications:

Communications infrastructure equipment for ICTs, high-end servers, routers, switches, wireless base stations, etc.

Detailed information of Halogen-free MEGTRON6 multi-layer circuit board material 

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Note: This material will be exhibited at DesignCon 2019 to be held from January 29 to 31, 2019 in Santa Clara, California, USA.