Bel Magnetic Solutions announces an all in one solution, combining a RJ45 Ethernet port with a USB-A 2.0 connectors. This combination allows customers to stack or group one or two USB connectors into one robust, small form factor size.

Saving valuable space is important as communication equipment is shrinking and the need for more I/O connector options increase. With two height options and Industrial Temperature range capability, the USB 2.0 Combination MagJack® supports a wide range of 10/100Base-T and 1GBase-T Ethernet applications and are available in extended temperature ranges for industrial applications such as Ethernet switches, Ethernet controllers, network routers, computer motherboards and console ports.

Common part numbers: 0820-1X1T-00-F, 0821-1X1T-36-F, 0821-1X1T-32-F, and 0862-1J1T-46A-F.

Products are now available at Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow. For technical information, visit our website at For further assistance, you can contact Bel Magnetics by email or at (858) 842-1970.