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Shrunken MRI Scanner Helps in Saving Lives of Sick Babies

Spectrum Instrumentation PC-cards play a key role in brand-new MRI for babies

The key to the much smaller MRI scanner design is the use of digitizers and AWGs by Spectrum Instrumentation that offer sub-nano second, coherence precision to generate the scanner-signals and capture the results.

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AWG-Card by Spectrum Used to Move Around Single Atoms

The Physics Department at the University of San Diego is building a model of atoms moving in an optical lattice, attempting to cool the atoms to near absolute zero and then move them into a triangular lattice formation using pulses of laser light. To achieve this, a Spectrum Instrumentation M4i.6622-x8 Arbitrary Waveform Generator was used.

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LXI-Digitizers Get Additional I/O Lines for Mixed-Mode Testing

Spectrum Instrumentation has extended the capabilities of its popular LXI/Ethernet-digitizers by adding a powerful mixed-mode testing option. This option is available on four different models, all featuring eight analog input channels that synchronously sample signals at rates up to 5 MS/s, 20 MS/s, 40 MS/s or 125 MS/s with 16-bit resolution.

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