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Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI), is a manufacturer of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components, and serves the Medical, Semiconductor, Military, Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries. We are known for our superior Customer Service, Fast Deliveries, Competitive Prices and Outstanding Quality. We specialize in High-Q / Low ESR /ESL Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Resistors, and Trimmers. High-Q/Low ESR Capacitors are available in multiple case sizes, dielectrics and various terminations, which include ROHS compliant and Non-Magnetic finishes. Broadband Capacitors; PPI has developed a series of Broadband Capacitors: the 0402BB103, 0402BB104, and the 0201BB104 (available in Tin or Gold). We now have 01005BB104 broadband capacitors! For Optoelectronics / high-speed data, ROSA/TOSA (Transmit / Receive optical subassemblies), SONETS (Synchronous Optical Networks), Broadband test equipment, Broadband microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators. Non-Magnetic Resistors are offered in the following case sizes and power ratings: 0603 (1/10W), 0805 (1/8W), and 1206 (1/4W). All are available in with 1% , 2% or 5% tolerances and RoHS compliant terminations. Trimmers: Low profile, surface mountable trimmers are produced for durability and low dielectric loss, allowing for reflow soldering. Hi Q/Low ESR Design Kits: With over 30 kits available in stock, we are sure to meet your prototyping requirements. Available in 0201, 0402, 0505, 0603, 0805 and 1111 case sizes. PPI offers inventory programs for our customers, which allocates inventory and guarantee that parts are on the shelf and available to be shipped on demand The PPI Engineering Staff is always available to support your technical and design needs, review and discuss technical data and circuit models, and make product recommendations. PPI continues to broaden its technology portfolio in the ever-changing environment of today's electronics market.

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Contact: Stephen Waldenburg
Phone: 6314250938


Passive Plus, Inc.
48 Elm St.
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0505 & 1111 Case Size – High-Q/Low ESR – Capacitors

Offering includes traditional high-Q low ESR 0505 (0.055” x 0.055”) & 1111 (0.110” x 0.110”) multi-layer ceramic capacitors for UHF/microwave RF power amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, filter networks, low noise amplifiers, & timing circuits and delay lines. 

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Larger Case Size Hi Q High-Power Capacitors

A series of larger case size capacitors with a High Q, high RF current/voltage with low ESR/ESL and ultra-stable performance characteristics. These capacitors can be used as bypass, coupling, tuning, impedance matching or DC blocking components for HF/RF power amplifiers, transmitters, antenna tuning, plasma changes and medical equipment applications. 

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01005BB104 Broadband 100 nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

PPI 01005BB 1_25_17Passive Plus Inc. has the 01005BB104 broadband 100 nF multilayer ceramic capacitors. The 01005BB104 – the industry’s smallest 100nF broadband part characterized for RF performance -- has a case measuring (mils) 16 x 8 x 8, and offers resonant-free RF coupling/DC blocking from 16 KHz (lower 3-dB frequency) to beyond 65 GHz with < 1 dB insertion loss and < -15 dB return loss on suitable substrates. The 01005BB104 is rated at a DC working voltage (WVDC) of 4.0 and is available in a nickel-tin termination.

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