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We provide a large number of home fitness equipment to meet the fitness requirements of different customers, and you can always choose the product that suits you. Home Fitness Equipment Company is located in London and is one of the top 10 home exercise equipment companies in the UK.Our products mainly include exercise bike, treadmill, abdominal trainer, row-n-ride trainer, etc. We also provide a wealth of fitness video tutorials on YouTube to help you get fit. With the increasingly fierce market competition, various companies have launched exercise bikes with different characteristics, appearance and quality. Our stationary exercise bikes are made of sturdy materials and can withstand a weight of 270lbs. The weight of the flywheel is 18lbs. Ergonomic design allows you to exercise more effectively. You can achieve different exercise effects by adjusting the resistance. LCD monitor can track sports data including calories, time, speed, virtual distance, and total mileage during exercise. The addition of the bottle cage allows you to replenish water at any time during exercise. Our indoor Cycling exercise bike only costs £170, the price is very affordable. Many people are looking for an abs workout machine to help them exercise their abdominal muscles or entire core. The Abs Core Trainer from Home Fitness Code consists of a low-profile controller and six Conductive Gel Pads that fit any waist size and use Electric Muscle Stimulation technology to target your abdominal muscles, helping to tighten, tone and firm. With 15 intensity levels for a truly varied workout, this discreet, easy-to-use trainer is perfect for those looking to enhance the shape and profile of their abs!

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Home Fitness Equipment Company
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