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MODS is driving digital transformation in the energy sector with innovative software solutions. The company’s industrial software applications help Operators and EPC's with planning, execution and operations handover of maintenance, brownfield and greenfield projects. MODS offers solutions in partnership with our customers to help evolve their 4.0 strategy. Together we become experience disruptors, implementing digitalization strategies to increase safety, save time and decrease costs by simplifying the complex. We helped our clients save millions of dollars per project with increased productivity of 20 to 70%. Software at our disposal helps Gas and Oil companies everything work as it should the first time. MODS Connect Work Packs SIMOPS Completions Software Materials Management Progress Tracking Joint Integrity MODS Origin MODS Reality Laser Scanning Dimensional Control Connect MODS Connect is a software suite for the Energy sector. Connect provides you with the tools to create a single source of truth to plan, schedule, execute and operate confidently. Make Connect suite by your terms and combine software that fits your needs. MODS Connect Suite: • Materials manager • Completions software • Work packs • Joint integrity • SIMOPS • Progress tracking Materials Manager A cloud-based system using QR codes and intrinsically safe handheld devices to control the processes associated with materials management during projects. The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the database online to track each material efficiently to reduce costs and help institutionalize Operational Excellence in organizations. Completions Software Completions create a visible and accountable integrity management system. From detailed design through to project close-out. All information is delivered in real-time, giving clients confidence and assurance that the project has been delivered as per specification and technical integrity has been achieved, creating a global sharing environment and a single source of truth. Work Packs Proven digital process and format of work packs that produce clear, step-by-step instruction on how to perform a given scope. A cloud solution for digital work packs, information available globally in real-time, enables management to make the right decisions confidently. Joint Integrity Accountable joint integrity, flange management software is critical for a leak-free start-up, efficient production, process safety and major hazard avoidance. Web-based joint integrity software that uses bar codes and intrinsically safe handheld devices to control the processes associated with joint management and pipe systems testing. It has been designed to enable users to interact directly with the database to track each joint online. SIMOPS Productivity offshore directly links to efficient and flexible work processes, structured and consistent scheduling and real-time status reporting. SIMOPS enables organizations to integrate, collaborate and interact, through the utilization of advanced workflow management processes. Progress Tracking Real-time progress tracking increases predictability and control, reducing costs and schedules. 4D progress tracking, colour-coded 3D & 2D representations provide readiness reports during the planning, through fabrication, construction, commissioning and handover. MODS Origin MODS Origin is a cloud-based interactive, integrated, and intuitive tool for Engineering Procurement and Construction companies. It is built specifically to address Project Phases of planning, constructing, and handing over new-build assets and facilities to the operator. Origin is built to simplify the complex with digital transformation. MODS Reality MODS Reality brings critical knowledge to life to maximizing your performance and increasing profitability. MODS Reality is a cloud-based application that hosts your facility's digital twin using a point cloud environment to enhance engineering and streamlines scheduling and works execution management for maintenance and minor modifications. Laser Scanning MODS laser scanning service aims to deliver results that will keep your project on time and reduce your long-term costs. 3D laser scanning can be provided by MODS for every aspect and phase of construction, no matter how small or large the project is. Dimensional Control MODS Dimensional Control provides an affordable and easily adoptable solution utilizing a specialist survey technique that can help you save money on industrial projects. Based on the application of traditional survey principles and equipment.

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