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Since 2003, Templetronics has been working with Clients across diverse industry sectors solving design challenges and problems. We offer design services encompassing high performance analogue, power electronics, digital systems at PCB and ASIC/SoC/programmable logic, DSP, EMC, high speed digital PCB design, signal and power integrity, and mixed signal PCB designs. We have designed avionics, aerospace, consumer, industrial, medical, marine, networking and telecommunications systems, and also been involved in heavy industrial plant engineering, encompassing 20 years + of experience. We offer a full signal and power integrity, EMC consulting and design service designing embedded designs to multiprocessor/co-processor and backplane enabled systems, and mixed signal systems, with high and low power analogue circuits, including: * Low noise instrumentation and precision data acquisition systems * Mixed signal analogue/digital PCBs * Power electronic systems including full galvanic isolation * Single microprocessor/DSP/FPGA and multiprocessor/coprocessor systems * DDR1/2/3/3LSDRAM memory design * QDR family SDRAM * GbE/10GBE (XAUI) * USB * LVDS * SATA * PCIe * SRIO * Electrical and optical SERDES * EMI mitigation including ESD, EMP/HEMP & Lightning/LEMP Notable Achievements include: * DDR1/2/3 design to JEDEC standards and bandwidths for both board devices and SODIMM modules * Gbps+ SR/ME/LR channel and interconnect design * Backplane design for SATA, USB and GbE/10GbE * Power and signal integrity and EMI reduction for new and existing systems * Passing FCC Part 15 Class B EMC emissions tests at prototype stage * High performance computing system design with network processors, DSPs and FPGA * Substantial cost savings to clients in system development * Safety critical design to RTCA DO254 DAL A-D. and EN 61508 SIL Levels * De-risk of ASICs with FPGA prototypes For full details, see the website, and feel free to enquire how we can help you with your electronics system development. We offer design services, advice and consultancy on electronic systems and development. We are UK based, but operate pan-nationally, and look forward to assisting you in your electronics developments efforts.

Contact Information:

Contact: Jason Pearce
Title: Design Engineering Consultant
Phone: 0044(0) 2920 092777


Williamston House, 7 Goat St.
Haverfordwest SA61 1PX
United Kingdom