3-in-1 Trace Width Calculator

This tool incorporates a unique 3-in-1 feature to calculate the trace width, maximum current capacity, and temperature rise above the ambient for both internal and external layers. This calculator abides by the latest IPC-2152 standard.

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Turnkey Pro

Use Turnkey Pro, to quote and order PCBs and assembly at the click of a button. Turnkey Pro offers true quick turn PCB assembly: online, and on time. This is the first true quickturn web-based self-service that allows customers to order circuit boards and assembly services at once-and in 5 minutes.

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No Touch PCB

Our No Touch self-service ordering system enables you to specify two-layer, four-layer, and six-layer prototype PCBs entirely online for quickturn delivery at the minimum cost. Using No Touch, you can automatically verify your design, get a quote, and submit your order in one smooth transaction.

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