Jörg Hacker

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hacker has been working since 1994 as a development engineer at Langer EMV Technik GmbH. He graduated from his studies of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Dresden. His main areas of activity are development, EMC/ EMI customer support and consulting as well as troubleshooting from assemblies. Furthermore, he shares his expertise and knowledge in practical EMC/ EMI seminars.


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Surface Scan on IC Level with High Resolution

The development of a low-noise emission PCBs is becoming more difficult because of higher integration densities, faster clock cycles, as well as integrating more radiators like wireless capabilities on to the IC. Based on these design challenges, it is essential to get all of the necessary information for the electric parts before they are placed on a customer’s PCB. Read on for advice on how to detect electromagnetic disturbances above ICs.

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