picotest 8.3

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs Gain Non-Invasive Stability Measurement - NISM, has announced the availability of software that brings the output impedance based non-invasive stability test capability to the Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) Compact series vector network analyzers (VNA). The software add-on, available from Picotest for new or existing customers, allows the instrument to perform non-invasive stability margin (NISM) measurement.

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PPI 1.23

Passive Plus, Inc. Broadband Resistor – 2010 Case Size

PPI 2010 Broadband Resistors are specifically designed to operate at frequencies up to 50 GHz.  With microwave laser-trimming used to ensure a tight tolerance at high frequencies, these broadband resistors are wire bondable, solderable, and can be used in a flip-chip configuration.

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