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Significant Savings in PCBA Test

Everett Charles Technologies offers Standard Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System in one standard size is the entry level bench top test fixture that allows interchangeable cassettes to be used to further reduce fixturing costs. Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System enables reliable spring test probe access to small and medium sized PCBAs. Its cleaver design offers an advanced set of features as standard.

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Altair Expands Thermal Capabilities for Electronics; Acquires TES International’s Software, Hires Key Technologist

ElectroFlo CFD Software broadens HyperWorks® platform capabilities for electronics design

Altair (ALTR), developer of the HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite, has acquired Michigan-based TES International’s technology, intellectual property, and other assets.  TES was founded in 1994 to service the “electronics cooling” market, and provides cross-industry software solutions for thermal design and packaging, custom programming, general heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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Samtec's EXTreme Ten60Power™ System Available with Higher Density and AC Power Options

Extreme Power/Signal System with up to 60 A/Blade and a Low 10 mm Profile

Samtec has released a higher density signal count and new AC power option available with the EXTreme Ten60Power™ system. TSamtec's EXTreme Ten60Power™ header and socket system (ET60T/ET60S Series) is available in both power/signal combinations and power only for increased design flexibility.

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TDK Corporation thumb

SMD pulse transformers for Gigabit Ethernet and PoE

TDK Corporation has expanded the ALT4532 series of pulse transformers with new types for Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. The new ALT4532P type is designed for emerging 2.5GBASE-T (2.5 Gbit/s) and 5GBASE-T (5 Gbit/s) LAN applications as well as 1000BASE-T (1 Gbit/s) applications with 600-mA PoE.

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Anritsu Company to Address High-speed Testing Requirements Associated with Emerging and Next-generation Technologies at DesignCon 2018

Anritsu Company (booth #741), a Diamond Sponsor of DesignCon 2018, will host a series of technical sessions and conduct live testing demonstrations that aid engineers in verifying emerging and next-generation high-speed designs during DesignCon 2018, to be held in Santa Clara, CA, January 30 – February 1, 2018. Among the technologies to be addressed by Anritsu will be PCI Express® (PCIe®), Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, 200G/400G PAM4, and 56G PAM4.

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