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The Designer’s Guide to: Common Considerations When Selecting a MHz Crystal

Billions of crystals are manufactured annually to be used in virtually every electronic device. From mobile phones and fitness trackers to cars and cell towers, crystals are the heart beat of products we depend on daily. Crystals are the fundamental building block of electronic oscillator circuits that create an electrical signal with precise frequency. Learn more with Epson’s Designer’s Guide to: Common Considerations when selecting a MHz Crystal.

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Signal Integrity Tips and VNA Measurements

Signal integrity is becoming more and more important as digital signal speeds and analog frequencies are rapidly increasing making circuits much more sensitive to any losses or variations in the path. This eBook provides information and instruction on making accurate signal integrity measurements with emphasis on the VNA as a tool. The articles cover TDR, VNA measurements, impedance measurements, uncertainly in S-parameter measurements and development of a 1.35mm connector for E-Band cable assemblies.

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